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About us, why choose us

Hickory Lane Publishing & Recording is a professional studio based in Oliver, B.C Canada in the Okanagan.

We specialize in recording the music of musicians:

Radio ads for businesses, foley (sound effects) for movies, narrations, voice overs, eulogies and industry consultation.

One of our main services is live play production and sound, with many years providing profit and non-profit organizations to enhance live performance.

We have a relaxing studio atmosphere, where you can feel at home while you record. No pressures of large corporate studios.

You can feel relaxed and confident that whichever your production is, we will accommodate your organization with professional results.

Yes, studios can be expensive, but have it done professionally, putting your best foot forward, and not just a living room recording. Don't record it yourself, you need it done professionally.


With more than forty years of customer service experience in the music industry, including copyright law, music and sound studio knowledge, putting on live music shows for wineries, restaurants and concert venues, you can expect the best for your project.


Chris Michael Urbanski started Hickory Lane Publishing & Recording with his music, performing on telethons, C.B.C variety shows, then branching out recording - collaborating with local artists in Vancouver, Nashville, and eventually worldwide.

Hard work and persistence, songwriting has earned him radio rotation in Europe, Canada and the U.S.

Collaborating in Nashville songwriting workshops, publishing companies, making Chris one of the best artists in the Okanagan area to have at your venue for a live show.

Talent and personality for a stage show at its best.

Click here to listen to Chris on Soundcloud

Give us a call today, to book your studio time or to book Chris

Office: 250-552-6208


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