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Recording studio costs

Hickory Lane Publishing & Recording charges a studio rate of $80.00 per hour, with a 10% discount

for bookings of 4 hours or more. Invest in a professional recording of your music,

that's a great reason to record with us!


We have a spring special for musicians,

record your song for $125.00. This includes up to 3 hours studio time.

This includes all mixing, mastering, recording to the final product on Mp3, WAV, or requested format.

Does not include price of studio musicians if needed.

Radio ads are $400.00 for 5 to 15 second ads, radio ads exceeding 15 seconds is $800.00, plus our

standard studio rate $80.00 per hour. Customer is responsible for any air time costs 

Foley (sound effects) are regular $450.00 each, plus  our standard studio rate of $80.00 per hour

Narrations are our standard studio rate of $80.00 per hour

Eulogies are our standard studio rate of $80.00 per hour 

Office: 250-552-6208


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