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Osoyoos Arts Council

The best place on earth, B.C. Canada

CN Centre, Prince George, B.C Canada

Chris Michael Urbanski

MUrban Media-Kelowna


107.4 FM New Country show, Manheim, Germany

Bermuda funk

93.1 CFIS-FM

Prince George Diabetes Association

The Misfits

Cool Hand Luke & Dice jazz band

C.B.C Vancouver

Timmy's Christmas Telethon

North Vancouver Belly Splash Competition


KENU and The Country Gold Network

Grin Like a Dog songs, Nashville

Mushroom Studios

Summit Sound

Jojos Cafe-Osoyoos, B.C

The Flame-Osoyoos, B.C

Firehall Bistro-Oliver, B.C

Pizza Factory-Osoyoos, B.C

Wildfire Grille-Osoyoos, B.C

Sammy's Tappa bar and bistro

Frank Venables Theatre-Oliver, B.C

Theatre in the park (Tuts)

SFU Campus radio

Country music Alberta

Saskatchewan Country Music Association

Northwest Sound Studio

PM Sound

Summit Sound

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